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2018 Design Trends in Social Media

Bee Create January 27, 2018

Last year we fell in love with minimalism, white spaces and authentic design. However as the new year approached us, we took a trip down major contrast lane and flipped 2018 back into the 90’s and filled it with colour. This excites me because I love colour, but it also frightens me because I live such a minimal life, however in my creative world I have started introducing the design trends to my clients social media work and it is doing so absolutely well.

This is how big brands are using the 2018 design trends on social media:

  • MULTI COLOUR SCHEMES – As companies grow, they have rebranded with a ton of unique and vibrant colour schemes that help them stand out, and especially in their social media channels. Big brands like Dropbox is one of the major players in this trend.

  • COLOUR GRADIENTS – When I first started using a computer, I was an absolute pro at Microsoft Word Art, and I’m so happy to say that in 2018, this style has returned in the form of gradients. The obvious guilty party of this trend would be Instagram with their early-to-the-trend rebrand. In a way we can say they brought this trend back as I’m pretty sure they were the first to jump on board well before the year started.

  • UNCONVENTIONAL COLOURS – This risky but attractive use of bold colours has been most noticed in Spotify, being the lead to the trend this year!



  • CUSTOM ILLUSTRATIONS – Not only does this mean that every asset you create will be unique, it also means that your brand can develop a very distinct look and feel that sets you apart from the rest. With their already iconic illustrated logo, Mail Chimp have introduced custom illustrations throughout their social media presence.

  • BETTER GIFS – This is my clients favourite medium, and everyone one Facebook will agree, they love a good GIF. However this year we focus on less reactions and more engagement. We will create GIFs that don’t have the objective of getting a like and a share, but that encourage the audience to comment and be informed. The best way this is happening at the moment is the example by Kansas City Chiefs, you don’t need to be at the game to get updates via branded GIF’s.

2018 is all about standing out, taking risks and being brave. We could all be minimal last year, and we could all look the same, but this year we can all be bold and we can all be different. This year is about being unique and niche and owning it!!

Don’t forget to let me know how you stand out this year!