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A healthy balance between full-time and part-time work

Bee Create March 12, 2018

I like to keep myself busy, mainly to keep my mind constantly thinking, and also because my mind IS constantly thinking.

I work a full time job in social media advertising as a designer and creative content strategist where my day is busier than the amount of hours I have, but I love what I do, I love that I can set and reach career goals and that I am constantly learning from the people around me. My absolute favourite is that I get to collaborate with creatives and non-creatives daily and I find this helps me think in so many different ways and form new perspectives.

Besides my full time job I also work part time for an organisation dear to my heart that I started off volunteering at and now I am the lead designer, creating event collateral, print material and posters, something very different from my full time job in digital, but a chance for me to explore all aspects of design and keep my knowledge up to date.

You’d think I would stop there, but I don’t…..!

I also offer freelance services for wedding stationery, birthday décor, custom/personalised gift tags, invitations etc… the prettiness to every event/occasion, I create it all. I REALLY enjoy this work as it is once again so different from everything else I do and I enjoy that consultation time with my clients, dreaming up beautiful ideas that materialise on my screen and get printed into works of art to make their event/occasion the most memorable.

And I also blog….

I started Bee Create to have a space of my own, to explore the things I love, fashion, beauty, art, interiors, media and to have my own voice out there in my own kinda way. I don’t get to blog all that often and maybe one day I will have more of an opportunity to, but for now, this is my space for if I feel like it, when I feel like it!

How do I do it all and still get on with the day to day activities that life requires and still stay fun and social?

I believe that balance is key, and if I am not balancing too well, I need to change my priorities. Of course I make a lot of sacrifices, but I also make a lot of commitments that I stay by and enjoy!

At the moment I follow a routine and it works for me. I’m not too strict with it but I use it as a guide.

This is my schedule right now:

Work 9-5 (adding in my current 4 hour commute)

Make time for Pilates and gym 3 times a week

Attend meetings/do the shopping/extra activities

Do any urgent part time/freelance work in the evenings while I watch my favourite series

Try to cook healthy dinners (I’ll stay hopeful that one day I will be a good cook haha)


On Saturday I like to head off to the gym with my fiancé, and prefer a walk along the river to get there

Make time for my fiancé, we normally go out and do something outdoors like attend a local market, head off to a new town for a day trip, go out for lunch or head into the city to explore

Clean the house (one of those things that has to be done….but I must admit I do enjoy it!)

Get in some blogging (hopefully in the summer this will be easier with more daylight hours for photos)

See friends in the evening.

On Sunday we gym together, see the rest of our family and then I spend the afternoon working on my part time or freelance work while my fiancé does the same.


It is a lot to handle and with a 4 hour commute a day I can only feel I can do more with that time, but this is London and it’s a great time to think or come up with new and creative ideas…where do you think this article was born 😉 It also helps that my fiancé has the same routine at the moment, with the same working hours and also working on personal projects part time so this definitely helps us understand each other and work well together.

What schedule do you follow and how do you find a balance between 2 things you are passionate about that both take a lot of your time?