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Best Friend’s Forever

Bee Create February 17, 2018

When I was in junior school I wasn’t the most popular and I didn’t have many friends. My school was very cliquey and I can’t quite remember when the divide between popular and unpopular happened, but all of a sudden I found myself in the unpopular basket.

This made my life hell for a couple of years, until I started at a new aftercare and met a girl with the longest eyelashes (this is my first memory of Jade!) and the rest of my junior school ‘career’ was the GREAT!

We became best friends, had the same clothes, a friendship book (haha! – we still have this) and did EVERYTHING together.

We went on to go to different high schools and then universities in different cities but our friendship remained strong all that time.

We are now living in different countries chasing our dreams, but we still chat almost every day and I couldn’t ask for a better, more loving best friend.

Jade is compassionate, caring and sassy! Our personalities just click so perfectly, we are both very mature, driven and headstrong, but equally loving and do-gooders.

Just before she headed back to work on the Yachts (dream!!!) and I moved to London, we had a photoshoot and I am SO glad we did because not only did it make for great profile pictures and great memories but the photos hang on the walls of my new home <3

Photos by: Mint Tea Photography

Bianca Dress: HM

Jade Dress: Woolworths

Location: The Company’s Garden, Cape Town






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