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Dressing Drawers Progress

Bee Create January 20, 2018

We have taken it really slow on the home decor front since moving to the UK. We moved to London with 2 suitcases each, with just our clothing and a few photos and trinkets.

We purchased our necessities when we moved into our first apartment (this was also our first apartment together), so we started with a mattress on the floor and kitchen necessities. THAT’S IT!

This actually lasted quite a while because we were securing jobs and settling in, before we bought a couch, and then a dining table and chairs, and we added to our home every month.

And then once we had everything, we moved into a bigger apartment and now we need more furniture HAHA. Does it ever end? I can’t say that I don’t love it though, it has always been my dream to have my own place and to style it, since I was a really little girl!

So our living room and bathroom is 90% complete, and our bedroom is the next project.

We got this chest of drawers as a gift, and I have decided to turn it into my dressing table/make up station as I have been sitting on the floor in front of my mirror to do my make up and I figured I needed a proper station.

I still need to get a big mirror on the wall above it and a lamp because when in the winter this corner doesn’t get a lot of light from my ceiling light. AND then I’m pretty sure some of you have noticed that this plant features throughout my home pics. Well that’s because I absolutely love greenery, but I haven’t been plant shopping yet (we’re waiting for the summer), so this Lilly is actually my bathroom plant that wasn’t doing so well so I moved it into the living room, and now it’s trying out the bedroom.

So here’s a little progress on the dresser drawers, let me know what you think, and if you have any recommendations for a good mirror and some extra lighting!

So the big mirror will go right above this chest.


This is my moms every day perfume, and when she visited me for the first time since I moved abroad, she bought me a bottle for my birthday. It was the sweetest gift ever and I wear it every day! You can buy it here: Pretty

My favourite mascara by Charlotte Tilbury

Faaaaaav Mac colours Velvet Teddy and Brick-O-La

And then I have the range of the Kylie Lipstick that I got as a gift, but I have a feeling they aren’t the real deal, because I haven’t been able to find the exact ones online. However I love that they are well wearing, but they are quite cakey so I would suggest putting on some lip ice before and after applying the lipstick.

This Stila palette is part of my everyday routine, and I love that I can use it for a day or night look!

Of course my favourite earrings from Primark. They are now sold out but I have linked similar ones here