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First London Winter ‘Must Haves’

Bee Create January 5, 2018

I arrived in London in December 2017, so I can’t really say that this is my very first London winter, but it definitely is my first FULL London winter, with snow, minus temperatures and very very short days.

One thing that I realised when I first landed was that I was really not prepared for just how cold it gets, especially coming from South Africa where our winters are short, the days are still long, and the temperature averages 8 degrees Celsius.

This winter I definitely feel I have climatized and felt a lot more prepared for what was to come, from the frozen ankles to the chapped lips, I had it all under control.

These are the products I absolutely cannot live without in winter (and I will link them all at the bottom)!

Carmex Ultra Moisterising Lip Balm Pomegranate – my lips get really chapped in the winter and this keeps them silky smooth. I love that it has a little tingle too.

L’Oreal Pure Clay Glow Face Mask – my skin, especially on my face seriously dries out in the winter and this mask is great as it exfoliates, hydrates and adds a perfect glow.

L’Oreal Elvive Colour Protect Masque Serum – my hair is generally not the healthiest, with split ends and all, but during the winter it feels like straw from being so dried out. I use this masque twice a week and it makes the biggest difference even after the first use.

Accessorize Faux Fur Trimmed Leather Gloves – I actually don’t own this pair, although I have tried them in the store and I wish I did! They are so super soft and stylish. I cannot leave the house in winter without gloves otherwise my fingers literally go numb!

John Lewis Thermal Camisole – I am not big on layers, layers, layers. But what I like about the thermal cami is the straps are so thin, you hardly know you are wearing it, and if you have an off the shoulder jumper on, the straps actually look really pretty rather than bulky and clearly thermal! It also keeps your middle warm, which is all you really need!

Uniqlo Ultra Light Down Coat – I literally live in my light down coat. It’s waterproof, warm and covers almost my whole body. I literally can just grab this with a light top underneath and I am set for the day. It also kid of adjusts to your body temperature so you never really freeze or overheat. It packs well too.

Amazon Windproof Auto Umbrella – This is something I searched for after constantly having my umbrella blown inside out. I mean, what good is an umbrella that can’t withstand the slightest wind? I needed something compact for my handbag, but also strong enough to do its job! I put this to the test and it has been great so far!

Raid Lorena Black Heeled Ankle Boots – I actually prefer ankle boots to full length boots because I’m not great with layers and I am a legging girl! These are perfect for every day use. They are great in the rain and can transform into shoes for a night out after work too.

Primark Beanie – At the moment I am loving all the winter woolies at Primark, their jumpers, scarves and beanies are to die for, and they are so affordable too. At £2, I won’t lie that I literally own about 6 different ones!

These are my daily must-haves that I cannot live without, but I have also linked some of my favs in my SHOP section if you want to head over there for some more fashion inspiration!

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