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Molton Brown

Bee Create December 27, 2017

So this one is more “for him” than it is “for her” but ohhhhhhh will you love it!

My darling fiance got a box of Molton Brown bath and shower gel for his birthday in May and he has valued every single drop until his last early this month. Luckily Christmas came just in time and he was gifted another box with 3 different fragrances. Not only did he jump for joy, but so did I. Our home smells like heaven on earth when he has a bath and afterwards I just want to sit right up next to him for the rest of the evening. The smell is TO DIE FOR!

My favourite is the Tobacco Absolute.

This is a must have in your home, but also an amazing gift idea “for her” or “for him”.








You can shop them here:

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