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Life Update – Getting Engaged

Bee Create December 29, 2017

Thomas and I didn’t expect to get engaged so young, but we are both really mature and I guess the time was just right.  We had been dating for 3 years already and we were (are) so ready to share our lives together.

We have now been engaged for a year and a half, and have since moved to a new country and started out our life here, in London, and it has been absolutely hectic starting from scratch, with nothing but 2 suitcases each, no jobs and little friends and family.  We have now fully settled into a lovely apartment (which I will be sharing once it is all ready) and both have amazing jobs.

But now that we are so close to the rest of the world, our interests have changed into traveling, exploring and adventure and they have kind of out weighed the wedding plans….and budget!

We have decided on a year for the big day, and between now and then we are going to explore the world together before saving up for the big moment. And hopefully the exploring never stops…

One thing I have always wanted is a blush pink wedding dress, so I decided to wear a gorgeous lace white dress from HM for our engagement photo’s which were captured by the lovely Lara Scott Photography at the Belmont Mount Nelson Hotel in Cape Town, South Africa.





  1. Jan Zac December 29, 2017

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  2. Bee Create December 29, 2017

    Thanks for your comment.

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