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Magic Malaga, Spain!

Bee Create January 26, 2019

Thomas regularly travels to Malaga for work, so this time seeing as he was there for a whole week we decided I’d join him for the weekend.

It would be my first time in Spain and my first time in Europe since I was in school. One of the main reasons we moved to London is so that we are closer to the rest of the world and are able to just jump on a plane and fly a few hours to another beautiful country, so after 2 years of living here it’s finally happening. When we were living in South Africa, not only was traveling really expensive, it would also take a whole day, sometimes 2, to travel to Europe, so a short weekend trip was just never worth it.

As I am still a South African citizen I need to get a visa for literally everywhere I go, so the excitement started for this trip way in advance as I was putting all my documents together for my visa application and heading off for my interview. It was a nightmare because my application was around about the same time the Spanish Consulate changed the requirements for the application, so on the day I was running around like a headless chicken finding more bank statements, letters, changing hotel bookings etc. Thank goodness I was granted my visa (2 days before I flew) and we were off!

As Tom was in Malaga already, I flew on my own, this was a first for me too as we always fly together and I always hold his hand during take off and landing, which was a bit weird not having him there so I held my own hand 🙂

Landing in a foreign country, that speak a different language, would have scared me a few years ago, but I was so confident, so excited, and so happy to be in Malaga (and to see Tom after a week without him).

I got myself a taxi, got to Toms office in the center of the town, and from there we walked to our hotel, the NH Malaga a four star hotel on the outskirts of the center of town, that offered a beautiful large ADA room and other great features like a gym, pool, restaurant etc which we didn’t make use of as we only had 2 days to explore the city together.

The first day I arrived it was already late afternoon so Tom took me around the center of town to explore seeing the architecture, the shops, the beautiful sights like the Alcazaba which is a Hilltop Moorish-style medieval fortress overlooking the sea, with fountain-filled gardens. The Catedral de la Encarnación de Málaga which is the Roman Catholic Church right in the center of town with a beautiful Renaissance architectural style. Malaga isn’t set up in a very touristic way so there aren’t as many popular sights as other countries, but the town is a sight itself. You really feel like you’re in a different place which is what I always enjoy when traveling, being somewhere so unfamiliar!

We ended off the day with Ferrero Roche ice cream from Martonela which was AMAZING, and then headed off back to the hotel with a takeaway!








The next day we had a bit of a lay-in, we are terrible with getting up early no matter where we are, but the thought of chocolate dipped churros at Casa Aranda for breakfast got us up quickly! Then we headed off to explore the coast, so we walked to the Port of Malaga and explored some of the Portside shops. This area reminded me so much of the harbour in Cape Town where we are from! And then we carried on walking towards the Playa de La Malagueta which is a long sandy beach with seafood shacks and local Spanish guitarists paling for the customers. It was a beautiful day too so it was amazing walking down the promenade, but what was also amazing was how wheelchair accessible the beaches were, with paved or wooden pathways on the sand all the way down to the water all along the beach, so Tom could enjoy the beach too!

On our way back we stopped for some lunch at a local burger restaurant and then watched the ferry leave the port before one last squizz through the town and to buy some local items!

We decided as it was out last night we had to go into the town at night and have some Spanish cuisine, so we walked into the city and I was so amazed how much fuller it was than during the day, the city really comes a live at night, evermore of the shops were open at 10pm than there were at 10am!

We found a local seafood restaurant and ordered fresh hake, which was delivered with prawns and oysters and was absolutely delicious. OF COURSE I had sangria, and we had a great date night while listening to Spanish guitarists and singers on the sidewalks.












We flew home together the next morning, and got to hold Toms hand!

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