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Snug Memory Foam Pillow

Bee Create December 28, 2017

So I don’t really go around telling everyone that I have severe back and neck ache every day, but I do! For about a year now I have had extreme pain throughout the day and wake up with a sore neck, this is probably down to a lot of heavy lifting but also my terrible terrible pillows that have me turning them at least 3 times through the night and absolutely no neck support!

Last night I splurged (is it still a splurge when it is necessary?) and purchased a Smug Contour Memory Foam Pillow which arrived today (how is that for fast delivery!!)

I had to have a quick lay down to test it out (right) and it is just perfect. It lays a bit low, which I’m not used to being a two pillow girl, but because the curve moulds my neck I feel so supported and comfortable. I have no doubt that my neck pain will quickly disappear and my night’s sleep will become a lot better with this pillow!

It also has a machine washable cover and fits into a normal pillow case, so it blends in with the rest of your bedding!

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