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Top 10 for a New Year of “Me-Time”

Bee Create January 1, 2018

This past year has been all about packing our bags and moving to a brand new country on the other side of the world to start a new adventure. It has been all about finding the perfect apartment and finishing it slowly, finding jobs and being happy in them and settling in.  There has been very little “me-time”, very little moments to just sit and feel content and very little time to work on the things that I really want in my life. It has been a year of transitioning into this new London lifestyle and fitting in with our big move.

But this new year I will focus on myself, on my dreams, and on my relationships, and try to be content in everything that I do!


These are the top 10 things I will be focusing on this year:

ONE – Focus on my all round health! I am super busy, and that’s no excuse, but I have let my health go a bit, and this year my main focus will be restoring my health, emotionally, and physically.

TWO – Phone-less nights before bed! I am guilty of spending at least an hour on my phone before I fall asleep. I want to use this time to read a book or chat with my fiancé.

THREE – Go to the theatre more often! This is something I absolutely love, but don’t do often enough. And living in London we are surrounded by theatres.

FOUR – Explore new recipes and healthy eating! Because I get home so late from work, I just whip up the easiest, and often unhealthy meals. I got a Jamie Oliver 15 min meals recipe book for Christmas and I’m hoping to be inspired by it this year.

FIVE – Save for more adventures! I am a big money spender with little money. Perhaps a savings account is in order?

SIX – Become more confident in myself! I have slowly gained social confidence as I have grown up, but I still lack a lot of confidence in myself, this year I will focus on changing that.

SEVEN – Learn to sew! This is something I have wanted to do for a while, and I even bought a sewing machine 6 months ago.

EIGHT – Slow down! I am so busy every day that I hardly ever slow down and take everything in. I will try to savour each moment and really take in my surroundings.

NINE – Focus on my career goal! I have one big goal at the moment in terms of my career, and this past year I have been working hard at being really good at what I do, but haven’t moved towards my goal much. This year I will be moving upwards instead of on a straight line.

TEN – Stretch! So I haven’t always been the most active person, but In school I played a summer and winter sport and danced. Since then, I have done very little activity and I literally feel like I need to be stretched out sometimes. I’m going to start at-home-Pilates and possibly fit this in before bed or start my day with it, for a good stretch once a day.

Here’s to hoping I can fulfil all of these this year!

Happy New Year from Bee Create xx

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