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Wedding Venue Hunting

Bee Create July 8, 2018

I have had a vision of my wedding in my head for years, so choosing a venue was easy, right?

We started off by agreeing that we want our wedding in our home town of Cape Town instead of in London as this is where most of our family and friends are and also it is just the most beautiful place and means so much to us.

So now that we had agreed on that it was time to choose the location.

I first fell in love with Die Woud , a wedding in a glass room in the middle of a forest sounded like a fairytale. How gorgeous is this venue.



As absolutely gorgeous as Die Would is, it is quite far out of Cape Town and we didn’t want to have to make our guests travel too far out of the city and have to find accommodation.

So off to our next choice which is located in the same town that I went to school in, which made the location a little more special, and the venue was just as gorgeous as Die Would, with an industrial feel and equally as light and bright. As you may have realised by now, lots of natural light is a must for me!

Bakenhof offered panoramic vineyard and mountain views and a beautiful glass room.



We had to rule this one off too as it was quite pricey and also a little further out than we would like.

We decided then that we wanted an intimate, romantic, toned down garden wedding and with our Cape Town holiday coming up we settled for the following two venues to view.

The Forum, I was sold from the moment I jumped onto their instagram page until the moment we left the viewing. This Dutch home in Constantia, Cape Town is situated not too far from the city and offers picturesque gardens, multiple beautiful rooms and the most amazing sunlit reception room for a custom designed wedding. We also met with Jono who was the sweetest venue manager and really made us feel warm and welcome.

We decided not to go with The Forum in the end as it was just way out of our budget and as beautiful and perfect as it was, we couldn’t justify the costs for a one day event, albeit our big wedding day.



The second venue we viewed in Cape Town was Arambrook, this was our first venue choice that we wanted to view as we felt it to be quite homely, romantic and intimate, which is everything we wanted in a venue. It was however difficult to feel blown away when viewing as the venue was under heavy renovations so it was literally a construction site, but the outer building and gardens remained the same and I received the new look and feel for after the renovations which has made me so much more excited about Arambrook.

Because Amy at Arambrook was literally the sweetest and also so accommodating to all our needs, as well as the venue checking all our boxes and more (my family fell in love with it too), we decided to book the date!!

These are the reasons we chose this venue:

  • Beautiful gardens that can accommodate all our guests
  • Homely feel for an intimate reception
  • Willing to accommodate for Toms wheelchair and ramp up the entire venue
  • Fit into our budget
  • Right in the centre of Cape Town, so plenty accommodation nearby and a very short travel for locals
  • Flexible to move around all our wants and needs and work with us to create the perfect wedding

I can’t wait for the planning to begin, although we have a 2.5 year wait until the big day, it’s plenty time to make our entire vision come to life!

Follow our journey here or on instagram via #DoddsDo2020

*all photos taken off the respective venues Instagram pages